• Diaries are expert at revealing the extraordinary and the everyday in individual lives.Diaries are an exploration of ‘self’ in the age of the ‘selfie’. Forms of diary have for millennia been a cornerstone of self-examination. Over 1,800 years ago, Marcus Aurelius was asking himself: Who am I? Am I good? Twenty-first century diarists ask themselves the same questions.The diaries of the ordinary (extraordinary) person/s offer an ‘alternative’ to the ‘received’ narrative. They are the BIG story as told by the ‘LITTLE’ people.No diary is the same but all illustrate the communal urgency to understand/ act/ and to some degree influence our destinies.Then there is diary-writing and memory, diary-writing and therapy, diary-writing as witness, diary-writing as history, diary-writing in the digital age etc.
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