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Love ‘n’ Diaries Part Two

Our romantic diarist looks for the following in a lady: NOTES 2002: Aquarius [and] Gemini [and] Libra VG. Aries – fair. Size 12 or 14 Non-smoker Car owner Retired or semi retired Wine love Intelligent House/flat owner Cinema goer Music lover 5 [feet] [to] 5 [feet] 5 [inches] tall Nice boobs Tactile

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Love ‘n’ Diaries

The GDP archive has stacks of diaries that deal with LOVE: we have multiple teenage girls listing the boys they: "‘Love’, ‘Hate’, ‘Passion’, ‘Friendship’, ‘Courtship’, ‘Flirtship’, ‘Marriage’" & retired chaps sowing their oats with ladies on the internet…. The diversity of these texts illustrates that: across ages, generations, gender, sexual preference, and cultural and geographical differences………. the ups -and -downs of LOVE/SEX etc are up –and -down. We have what Philosophers, Psychiatrists and Neuroscientists and Pseudo-scientists tell us about love, in diaries we have what we remember. The following is an extract from a diarist's entry on a second date [...]

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Thank you to the diarists

Thank you for your pictures and comments on your New Year's, 2019 and keen diary-keeping impulses. This is a great picture from diarist K: his stash of diaries from the last decade or so in transit.  

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Why diaries? Part Two

  Diaries are expert at revealing the extraordinary and the everyday in individual lives.Diaries are an exploration of ‘self’ in the age of the ‘selfie’. Forms of diary have for millennia been a cornerstone of self-examination. Over 1,800 years ago, Marcus Aurelius was asking himself: Who am I? Am I good? Twenty-first century diarists ask themselves the same questions.The diaries of the ordinary (extraordinary) person/s offer an ‘alternative’ to the ‘received’ narrative. They are the BIG story as told by the ‘LITTLE’ people.No diary is the same but all illustrate the communal urgency to understand/ act/ and to some degree [...]

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Why diaries? Part One

Diaries and diarists capture human experience. Diaries are concrete enquiry into the most abstract of questions: who am I? They stage important issues for the individual and society. They are a profoundly personal springboard into some of the 21st century’s most crucial questions, including how do we identify, understand, portray and share aspects of ourselves? Diaries are the ‘LITTLE’ people examining the BIG questions. Diaries are deeply democratic: anyone who can write, can diarise. Diaries are a vehicle to exploring subjects/ questions/ issues/ important historical moments across gender, age, time, and place.

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Happy New Year 2019

  Who started a diary on the first of Jan? Do you fancy sending us your New Year's entry - your low down on the new year's countdown? We will publish it - with or without your name attached..... Please send your diary entry to [email protected] If your entry is 'artistic' (see example) we can always publish pictures you might want to send.

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Happy Christmas

For all those who might be having the odd 'chat' with relations over Christmas, keep the huff 'n' puff for the diaries...just like 'anonymous'..... 'Had a long conversation with my mother yesterday. Had quite lecture - Ma said I didn't do enough at home -the idea! She said I must get used to housework for when I marry, marry?' Anonymous, February 1923  

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This wonderful collection of diaries is quite remarkable - a real gift! Diaries of Meg Hendry The diaries date from 1903-1917. They are three thick notebooks, in which the diarist has embroidered sayings, photographs, and dates. The diaries are made up of irregular entries in a number of formats, ranging from the diarist's poetry, the poetry of others, newspaper clippings, observations, and lists of books read. At the beginning of the volume for 1908-1917 the diarist lists each New Year's Day's weather each year from 1908-1917. The diarist notes the location for each poem and in each reflects on a [...]

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