Action Vs Inaction

From GDP/52 GF GF (1901-1982) was a young barrister in London in 1926. Here, he expresses his fears as to the significance of the beginning of the General Strike. 3 May 1926 Complete breakdown of all negotiations. The Government refuses to proceed until the threat of the General Strike was withdrawn. They are right, but are they wise? Still one must support them in whatever they do. The alternative is too appalling. Apparently Baldwin learnt last night while the negotiations were proceeding that certain “Overt Acts” had already taken place, ant this decided him. The said “Acts” were of the [...]

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Summer is here?

21 June From GDP/16 CB CB grew up near Grantham in Lincolnshire. She kept her diary during her teenage years, writing a brief entry each day. In this excerpt, she describes local customs surrounding the Summer Solstice. 21 June 1934 Went up heath in rain. Wished in the “wishing well” as it is Midsummer Day and all wishes are supposed to come true.

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Zambia Connections

20 June (for 14 June) From GDP/30 WK WK was a journalist on the “Times” in the early 1960s, and often reported on African affairs. After leaving the “Times”, he began working for the careers service at the University of Oxford. Here, he describes being visited in his new home by Kenneth Kaunda, the President of Zambia, who was attending a Commonwealth leaders’ meeting. 20 June 1965 At 11a.m. Kenneth Kaunda and his wife came, in Daimler with flag flying and Special Branch Man (Keble, IV Theol. 1952) in attendance. K. very tired, being overworked both at home and here [...]

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South London Farthing Swallower

From GDP/49 Thomas Harradence Thomas Harradence (1801-1878) was a bookseller in Camberwell. Here’s he records a domestic accident involving one of his children. 31 May 1846 Went with Jim to look at house. Daughter Sarah swallowed a Farthing during my absence – about one oclock – had Boy out with me for the first time – saw Bristow [the doctor] – Sarah to be let alone – NB interestingly Dr J Dee (the famed mathematician, alchemist, Queen's confidante and spiritualist) would meticulously note the ailments of his children. As did the early Renaissance Florentine diarists (who wrote in ricordanze)......

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