Palmed off?

From GDP/30 WK WK (born 1932) grew up in Hampshire. He kept a diary from the age of nine, in which he recorded the daily happenings in his life. Here, he describes the dire predictions of a fortune-teller. 28 April 1950 Went to Young Conservatives this evening. A quarterly business meeting, very badly run. Got into conversation afterwards with a chap who turned out to be a palm reader. I am to be a bachelor, and to die about 30 of a serious illness. What rot these folk talk – he said I was nervous. [N.B. the diarist married in [...]

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Sinless Follies

21 March From GDP/32 Anonymous This anonymous diary was kept by someone resident in London between 1735 and 1736. It records the religious services attended by its author. Most of these took place at the non-conformist chapel in Ropemaker’s Alley, Moorfields (which later moved to Aldermanbury Postern). In this entry, the author gives a brief description of a sermon preached by Peter Goodwin, the congregation’s minister between 1730 and 1747, on a text taken from Ephesians ch. 2 v. 8. Mr. Goodwin at Ropem’rs ally Even 21st Mar 1735[/6]: 2 Eph 8: For by Grace are ye saved thro faith [...]

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Mind over matter

12 March From GDP/30 WK WK (born 1932) was a journalist on the ‘Express and Star’, Wolverhampton when this entry was written. In it he describes staying in a ‘haunted’ house in pursuit of a story. 12 March 1956 Tonight to Abbot’s Bromley, where I slept in a reputedly haunted bedroom. It was an eerie experience, which I would not wish to repeat, but though I heard noises, I didn’t actually see anything.

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To Suffer is Beautiful

2 March From GDP/28 Ida May Berry Ida May Berry (1884-1959) lived in West Didsbury, near Manchester when she wrote this diary. She was heavily involved in her local Methodist chapel, and attended many meetings there. 2 March 1905 We went to the Devotional. Mr. Saunders gave a beautiful paper on “suffering” we did enjoy the meeting.

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Indefinite certainties…

24 February From GDP/1 AM AM was born in 1937 and grew up in Cumbria. She kept a detailed diary during her teenage years and her early twenties, covering her final years at school, and her first job doing secretarial work in Edinburgh. Sunday 24 February 1957 After lunch to-day, when Miss Rose’s [the diarist’s landlady] friend phoned to ask if she was in, I went into her room. A thrill of fear ran through me + something without me told me she was dead. Just lying there, so still that one could not breathe for fear of breaking the [...]

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