If you didn't hear our most recent 15 minutes of fame please 'listen again' on BBC iplayer. The programme was first broadcast on BBC Radio 4 Friday 8th June 2012 at 11am  'The Man Who Saves Life Stories'.   Rescuing diaries Diaries are among our most precious items of heritage.  People in all walks of life have confided and often still confide their thoughts and experiences to the written page, and the result is a unique record of what happens to an individual over months, or even years, as seen through their eyes.  No other kind of document offers such a [...]

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Your Country Needs Your Diaries

Your Country Needs Your Diaries The Great Diary Project at Bishopsgate Institute, nr Liverpool Street Station, London rescues and preserves every unwanted diary we can find, to safeguard  long-term the thoughts and ideas of real people of all kinds who – writing for themselves with no agenda – bequeath us a historical resource of extraordinary power and importance. The Great Diary Project wants your diaries. We want ANY diary you have and can't or don't want to keep. Whoever wrote the diary, it maybe your personal diary or that of a family member or friend; wherever your diaries come from [...]

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